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MEXcation was created to help You find information about vacationing in Mexico that you need and haven’t thought about looking for. Our own experiences gave us the idea to gather our knowledge, so you don’t have to search or make the mistakes we have made. We hope you will enjoy and find our website and articles informative and relevant.

We have traveled, lived and vacationed in various places throughout Mexico and can help you towards new exciting experiences. Our passion for the wonders of Mexico is what drives us – we want to make your vacations even better.

Meet the Editor in Chief:


About Us 3 Michelle Anderson is a mother of 2 first, and the Editor in Chief at MEXcation second. She has a never-ending passion for traveling and fell in love with Mexico and it’s rich culture many years ago. Michelle has visited many of the best places in Mexico through the years with her family.

[su_quote]Some of the best memories I have, are from traveling and experiencing Mexico. I love it![/su_quote]


What makes MEXcation useful for you?

  • Discover new places to visit or even find local hidden things you didn’t know existed
  • We make it easy to find information so you can plan the perfect trip
  • You can save money on your hotel reservations by using our hotel search engine

We hope that we can help make your next vacation or trip to Mexico the best one yet.

We always love to hear from our readers and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us through one of our many social platforms or use our contact form to message us.

Acapulco, Mexico

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