Best Mexico Destinations To Visit With Young Children

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Best Mexico Destinations To Visit With Young Children 1

Family is a focal element of Mexican culture and society. As such, parents who travel with children to the country instantly note that Mexico welcomes them with open arms. For instance, attractions, public spaces, coffee shops, and restaurants have no restrictions on children.

Moreover, many restaurants and diners in the country offer a children’s menu, not to mention, play areas. However, it is essential that you avoid being too ambitious when traveling with kids because children tend to tire quickly and might not enjoy the things you find fun.

Sticking to a route that covers just one or two regions is always advisable. Below are four more tips parents should consider when picking a travel route to Mexico.

1. Do not let people’s exaggerated opinions scare you from visiting certain areas

Best Mexico Destinations To Visit With Young Children 2

When picking a route, all you need to do is check your country’s Mexico Travel Advisory. Often it lists all the areas that are safe for your family to enjoy and explore. It also gives a list of areas you should avoid.

Therefore, aside from those areas, do not be afraid to leave your resort and explore beaches, cultural landmarks, and local towns. Allow your children to sink into the culture and socialize with other kids so they can also enjoy the experience.

2. Avoid tap water

When traveling with kids, this is particularly essential because children’s stomachs tend to be sensitive. While Mexico’s tap water is not bad and locals drink it without issue, more often than not, it gives people from other nations who are not used to it a bad tummy ache.

Therefore, in the weeks leading up to the vacation, get your children into the habit of using bottled water. That way, your kids will get used to the bottles and will not forget, once you embark on the trip. During the trip, ensure all your kids keep their water bottles with them.

3. An itinerary is key

For any vacation, including one to Mexico, a plan or itinerary is key. First, determine all the places you will visit and all the activities you will participate in. Second, ensure your kids learn a few basic phrases in Spanish.

Third, determine if you will use private transport or public transport. If you opt for public transport, then research on the kind of public transport offered in the areas you intend to visit.

Next, don’t forget to pack enough clothes for your children keeping in mind that kids tend to go through clothes faster than adults. Also, remember to bring any special medication or food they might need that might not be available in Mexico.

Finally, research the kind of kid-friendly amenities a resort or hotel offers. If a hotel has zero amenities that cater to kids, then avoid it and choose one that does. Such kind of amenities includes play areas, a pool for kids, and a kid-friendly menu.

4. Remember to plan for digital safety

Often, people forget to account for digital safety when traveling to an area, and yet it is one of the most important. Keeping your data safe and away from hackers is key if you are to enjoy your vacation.  

Some digital safety best practices you can practice include avoiding free and public Wi-Fi. Those who provide free internet have a way of getting paid in some other way, which often involves selling your data to advertisers.

Also, public connections tend to be insecure and easily attract hackers. Stick to one or two public connections, probably the one at your hotel. Better yet, bring your internet dongle.

Alternatively, if you have to use a public Wi-Fi, then ensure you have a Virtual Private Network before embarking on your trip. Connecting your VPN to the Mexico server will allow you to browse securely without compromising speed.

Final word

Other tips you should keep in mind include scrutinizing the food from street vendors, observing basic safety precautions such as staying in at night if you do not know the region well and getting travel insurance before your trip in case of an emergency, e.g., a member of your family getting ill.

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