Best Ocean Dive Locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Mexico is the diver’s dream. Its numerous dive spots to the south are the white beaches of Tulum, the reefs full of life in Playa del Carmen or Cozumel are some of the best locations in the world. The north has Baja California – home to hundreds of species: sharks, sea lions, etc the archipelago from Revillagigedo is another scuba diving paradise. Here are the top dive spots rated by the local divemasters of Koox Diving & Adventures. 

Mexico in general has very good conditions for dives of depths greater than 18 meters, this is where bull sharks can be seen. Where you can find shipwrecks. This and more, without the need to mention the beautiful cenotes, unique dives spots in the Yucatan peninsula. The best places for sea diving in Mexico – for OPW certified scuba divers 


Best Ocean Dive Locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico 1

The variety of dive sites in Cozumel is huge, that’s why this beautiful island attracts thousands of visitors each year. You could literally do 3 days of diving, and all of them at different points. There are reefs with marine life in such breathtaking harmony and full of colors. But also some interesting currents that more skilled adventure & advanced divers can enjoy.

A dive spot for advanced divers is Punta Sur – a reef that is suitable for people with a high level of diving experience, in order to enjoy it to the fullest and feel safe at all times.

The wall of Santa Rosa, for example, is one of our favorite places because of its impressive formations. 

Playa del Carmen

Best Ocean Dive Locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico 2

One of the most popular dive locations worldwide, this is a magical place not only for diving with bull sharks. It is strategically located between Tulum, Cancun, and Cozumel, definitely a good place to stay for a couple of days and some amazing dives.

А must-do for divers from November until the end of March is bull shark diving in Playa del Carmen. Some local dive shops feed them and thus attract the sharks. But we at Ko’ox adventures consider it unnatural and prefer to simply admire these beautiful creatures during our guided dives there.

Bull sharks are not the only attraction, the coral reefs are also abundant in this area. one of them is Jardines – meaning “gardens”, due to its great quantity and diversity of fauna, fishes, and corals

Cancun: MUSA

Best Ocean Dive Locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico 3

One of the greatest underwater projects ever made. The main gallery has more than 400 life-size sculptures, it opened almost 11 years ago on November 27, 2010. It has many and different dive spots as its depth can vary from – it is suitable for anyone who has open water certification or not. Discovery dives can also be made here, too.


Best Ocean Dive Locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico 4

We believe that diving in waters with shipwrecks is one of the most impressive things that we can find in the Riviera maya. It is incredible how big things can end up like this, as well as how nature takes care of re-shaping them and how marine life makes it their new home

Here are our top 3 shipwrecks in the Riviera Maya area:

  • Puerto Morelos: C-56 Cadet Juan Escutia – depth 25m / 90ft – 2 advanced dives
  • Cozumel: C-53 Felipe Xicotencatl – depth from 20m / 70 feet – 2 advanced dives
  • Playa del Carmen: Mama Viña – Depth – 30m / 100ft – 2 advanced dives

Night dives

Best Ocean Dive Locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico 5

We believe that night dives are full of mysticism, and a great adventure that helps divers gain more confidence and improve their skills. One of the best places for a night dive is bear Soliman Bay – Cuevitas reef. Night ocean diving can take place also in Puerto Morelos and Cozumel, too of course. If you are an adventure enthusiast night dive with crocodiles is another great thing to try, it is performed at dawn at one of the most beautiful cenotes in the area.

So if you are looking for great dive locations, or just searching for a good place to learn to dive, Riviera Maya has it all – from beginners to advanced spots. You name it. Let’s GO!

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