Mexican Costumes and Dances
Things To Do

5 Spectacular Mexican Costumes and Dances

It is not possible to appreciate the splendor of Mexico and it’s history without considering their customs and how it intertwines with dance. Mexico has a rich and colorful history. Many of the dances we

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Kitesurfing Rocky Point Mexico
Things To Do

Top Water Activities in Rocky Point

As a vacation destination, Rocky Point, Mexico, seems to have it all. Pristine water, white sand, expansive beaches, and so many attractions you’ll be scratching your head, trying to decide which ones to try out

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Xochimilco Mexico City
Mexico City

How To Get The Full Mexican Experience

Mexico is among the trendiest tourist destination in America today, begging the question: Why did it take tourists so long to discover this magnificent place? At the heart of the nation’s history and culture is

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What to pack for a beach vacation to Mexico
Vacation Guides

How to Plan a Beach Vacation to Mexico

For those looking for a nice international getaway that won’t break the bank, it’s hard to beat our friendly neighbors to the south: Mexico. With miles of plush coastland that cater to everyone from the

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