Local Restaurants in Acapulco With Amazingly Delicious Food

Local Restaurants in Acapulco Mexico
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Local Restaurants in Acapulco Mexico

Acapulco is an amazing place and known as one of the best Mexican vacation destinations. It has everything that you could possibly desire. Nice warm weather, friendly locals, a beach that goes on forever and of course excellent food which I will focus on in this article. Finding restaurants in Acapulco are easy. There are hundreds to choose from no matter what type of food you are in the mood for. Almost everyone I talk to wants to know about the real local restaurants in Acapulco. Not just the high-end luxury restaurants, but places where you get the real deal local cuisine. In other words; where should you go to try something new and outside the normal vacation experience.

There are no fancy or high-end luxury restaurants in this article. Just look at the pictures of each place and you will see that. The food at each and every one of the local restaurants in Acapulco listed here is top of the line quality local Mexican food. Read on and discover some of the great places in Acapulco I go to whenever I am there.


Great Local Restaurants in Acapulco You Simply Must Try


Taqueria el Cheff

Best tacos de cochinita in Acapulco
Here we have one success story when it comes to building up loyal costumers. This was just a small taco stand on the curb of the street when I first found this little gem. It was open 24 hours back then – now only 23 hours due to cleaning. The place has now blossomed and has a small restaurant where you can sit down and enjoy their food. About the food… easily the best tacos de cochinita pibil in Acapulco and one of my absolute favorite places. Eating the food there gives the best experience, but you can also bring it to go. Getting there is best done in a taxi or your own car.

Find Taqueria el Cheff on Google Maps

Loncheria Las Gueras

Loncheria Las Gueras Acapulco

This little lunch place was also just a small stand on the road, but have now moved indoor and expanded due to their success. It doesn’t look like much, but the flavor of the food is something you can’t argue with. They serve up some excellent picaditas, which are my favorites, and now offer a good variety of dishes to enjoy. This place is right off the Costera and next to Gran Plaza shopping center – it’s very easy to find

Find Loncheria Las Gueras on Google Maps

Hacienda La Herradura

Hacienda La Herradura Acapulco Mexico

A traditional local restaurant is the best way to describe this place. It offers full meals with soup, main dish and beverages at extremely affordable prices. Food is good and is served with hand made tortillas, and there are totopos and salsas at the table. More than often you will enjoy some music being played by the local keyboard player and/or band. You can’t miss this place if you are looking for a cheap, good and home made meal at next to nothing in price. The restaurant is located right next to Gran Plaza.

Find Hacienda La Herradura on Google Maps

Restaurant Karabali (Thursday nights)

Great food and amazing drag queen show in Acapulco

Are you for an experience outside the normal restaurants? Set aside Thursday night and go to Restaurant Karabali for two excellent reasons. They serve typical pozole along with music and a show. If you can then swing by the place a day before or so and try to reserve a table for your party, as the restaurant is almost always fully packed Thursday nights.

A show you say? Yes, I did… live music is playing and there are several drag queens singing throughout the night. Yeah, I was skeptical too when I went there for the first time, but what an incredible place with the most awesome vibe to it. Oh and the pozole is just excellent.

This is a great opportunity to spend the entire night with good food, a show to remember and a few drinks.

Find Restaurant Karabali on Google Maps – right in front of Bodega Aurrera Costera

El Buen Taco

El Buen Taco

You will never find this incredible spot unless someone tells you where to go exactly. It’s that small but there’s always a line. If you want to taste the delicious tacos de guisados then make sure you get there early. The place close at 2pm or when they have sold out. Try as many things as possible. If you are looking for recommendations then make sure you get salpicon con arroz, mole, and barbacoa.

Find El Buen Taco on Google Maps

Fonda James

Fonda James Acapulco Costa Azul

You can have breakfast at your hotel, the resort or pretty much anywhere in Acapulco. One of my top picks for a breakfast place is this simple little restaurant that makes some really excellent huevos rancheros with hand made tortillas.

Find Fonda James on Google Maps

Texas Ribs

Texas Ribs Acapulco Costera

Okay okay, I know this has absolute nothing to do with typical Mexican food in Acapulco. I simply wanted to share what I consider to be the best chicken wings ever. Texas Ribs has plenty dishes as the name suggest, but the “Alitas de Pollo” starters menu item is incredibly delicious, and even more so with a big margarita with blue curacao in it. I would often go just for those two things. Texas Ribs is located right next to Hotel Emporio Acapulco in front of Galerias Diana.

Find Texas Ribs on Google Maps

El Morrito

El Morrito Acapulco

Finally something with beach access. El Morrito has its restaurant overlooking the beach and the bay of Acapulco, but what you want to do is grab a place directly on the beach. The staff there is top notch and very attentive for sure. Here you will have it all. Very good tasty food and the beach at your feet. Yes sure there are many great spots to be on the beach. I will, however, return to what has proven to be good in my experience.

Find El Morrito on Google Maps

Alejo and Alejo II

Very popular beach restaurant Alejo Acapulco

Alejo is a very popular seafood restaurant in Barra Vieja, and for good reason. They make a delicious grilled fish (pescado a la talla) with plenty of extras on the side. Another top pick is the garlic shrimps or their spicy shrimp diablo. The food is good and you have the open sea at your feet. Great as it is, you will find that it is not a cheap place.

Alejo II is the newest restaurant and located even further in Barra Vieja.

Find Alejo on Google Maps

La Petite Belgique

Gourmet seafood restaurant in Costa Azul

La Petite Belgique is a cozy little Belgian restaurant in Costa Azul. This great local restaurant is family operated and is very popular to the point where you need to make reservations. Swing by a couple days before so you can reserve a table. The menu depends on the season, where fresh mussels are delivered daily. Lovers of seafood will like this Belgian gourmet restaurant in Acapulco.

You can check out the amazing pictures on their Facebook page.

Find La Petite Belgique on Google Maps

All pictures in this article have been done with the help of Google Maps.

I hope you enjoyed the list of the best local restaurants in Acapulco. Keep in mind that these places, just like any other restaurant in Acapulco, rely heavily on tips. You can brush up on your tipping knowledge by reading our extensive guide to tipping in Mexico.

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Leave a comment below and share with us your top choices of restaurants in Acapulco.

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