October 2016 – Monthly Roundup of Articles about Mexico

Great articles about Mexico and it's great vacation destination - October 2016

October Roundup – Articles You May Have Missed

Our goal here at MEXcation.com is to open your eyes to the wonderful places Mexico has to offer. We can’t write about everything, but will try and find the best articles published on other travel blogs. They are of course all about Mexico. So welcome to our very first Monthly Roundup.

Articles from October about Mexico and it’s wonderful destinations


10 Things You Need to Know Before You Travel To Mexico – Stephen over at A Backpackers Tale goes through some of the most essential things one has to consider before traveling to Mexico. Well worth a read if a trip to Mexico isn’t that far off.


Busting American Myths About Mexico – World traveler Lash shares some first-hand impressions of Mexico, and points out how Mexico is thought of and portrayed in the media.


Unknown Mexican Food: 5 Delicacies You’ve Probably Never Heard of – Mexican food is, in my opinion, the best food in the world, and you should do yourself a favor and try as many different dishes as possible. Just check out some of the delicacies Latin Abroad have whipped up for you.


18 Days in a Super Beautiful, Remote Part of MexicoWandering Earl had the great pleasure of spending time in a secluded part of Mexico. Read why he was there and how that put things in perspective.


Celebrating Life on Day of the Dead in Mexico – Dia de Los Muertos, as it’s called in Mexico, is about celebrating life and honoring the deceased. Read more about it over at Mexperience.


Top 10 Things to Do in Mexico on Holidays Trip – Ever wondered what you must try once your in Mexico? Travel Weekly have put together a good selection of things you absolutely must do during your next vacation to Mexico.


My Favorite Free Things to Do in Mexico City – There are many things to do in Mexico City. Some will cost and others are free to enjoy. Goose Write lists some excellent free things you can do in Mexico City. Great write up for the budget conscious traveler.


A Hotel to Remember: Nizuc Resort & Spa, MexicoMrs. O Around The World spent time at the award winning luxury resort Nizuc Resort & Spa in Cancun. Find out what she thinks of this little piece of heaven on earth.


Isla Mujeres: Finding Paradise In Mexico – Full-time traveler Dani from Globetrotter Girls went to the amazing Isla Mujeres. Read about her experience there and see the great pictures she took.

This was the batch of blog posts we liked in the month of October. Hope you find both inspiration and useful information in them. If you haven’t already then go read our guide to Tipping in Mexico article and of course our breakdown of the Best Mexican Vacation Destinations.

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