Top 10 Things To Do in Mexico City For First Time Visitors

Top 10 Things To Do In Mexico City
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You must be on pins and needles as you prepare for an unforgettable vacation to Mexico City, the ultimate urban travel destination in the world. But hang on a minute! If you don’t plan your vacation well, you can get lost as you race from its cultural attractions and extravagant museums to its awe-inspiring artwork and appetizing gastronomic cuisine. If you know where to go, it will help you create an itinerary that will make your vacation more fulfilling and memorable.

Your time in Mexico City will always feel short no matter how you slice it. There are simply so many things to see and do, that it takes several visits to cover just the mere basics. If you are visiting Mexico City for the first time, then skim through our list here for some of the absolute most memorable places.

So here are the top things to do in Mexico City that will satisfy your taste buds as well as your love for adventure and make your vacation worthwhile.

1. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City

If you are inclined to artistic expressions then the Palacio de Bellas Artes should be on your list of top things to do in Mexico City. The marvelous murals of world-renowned Mexican artists dominate the chambers of this cultural center in Mexico City. The palace regularly hosts many exhibitions and theatrical performances but is fondly remembered for the rich Mexican heritage that is displayed for the world to see.

2. Xochimilco

Xochimilco Mexico City

A bit of a trek but worth every droplet of sweat! This agricultural borough is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is something you don’t want to miss come hell or high water. It’s a great place to understand the culture as well as revel in the fun of it all, making it the perfect entertainment destination. Enjoy the long attractive canals and the charming historical center. While you’re there, be sure to board the colorful open-air boats or gondolas known as trajineras where you are taken on a trip to see floating gardens and further to a wildlife preserve as you indulge in tortillas, tacos, and other snacks.

3. Colonial City of Puebla

Colonial City of Puebla

While jotting down the top things to do in Mexico City, don’t forget to include a trip to Puebla, which is merely two hours south of Mexico City. Located at the foot of the snowcapped Popcatèpetl Volcano, this historic center is home to many palaces, elaborate cathedrals and tiled houses (azulejos) that go way back to the 16th century. In the daytime, the place is buzzing with music, liveliness, and food while the night sky brings to light the breathtaking architecture and skillful artistry.

Spend the night in Puebla if your schedule allows it and you will see the city of Puebla in a very different light. You can find some excellent budget hotels in Puebla and spend the savings on food and local souvenirs.

4. Coyoacàn

Coyoacan Mexico

Want to have a closer look at Mexico City then stroll around Coyoacàn – a place where music, dancing, and theater know no bounds. It is also an amazing place to really dig into the flavors of Mexican cuisine. While you are there, be sure to witness the stunning Coyotes Fountain.

5. The Frida Kahlo Museum

Frida Kahlo Museum Mexico City

Frida Kahlo, a famous artist was born, brought up and died within the walls of a bright blue museum known as La Casa Azul. Her husband donated it with the intention of turning it into a museum in her honor. So the life and work of one of the most famous artists in Mexico are preserved for posterity. The museum is filled with photographs and artifacts that honor Khalo as well her husband for who they once were and always will be.

6. Contramar

You definitely need to have this place on your list of the top things to do in Mexico City. Famous for its fashion and food, Contramar in Roma District is the place to be for a feel of Mexico that is incomparable. Binge on carnitas de pescado and tuna tostadas along with other delectable seafood preparations and you will feel you are in gastronomy paradise!

7. Chapultepec Castle

Chapultepec Castle Mexico City

One of the city’s best-hidden gems till date, the Castillo de Chapultec is nestled amid trees and plants of Mexico’s central park, Bosque de Chapultepec. Check out the bejeweled personal effects, sweeping marble staircases, gilded rooms, and the breathtaking carriages, and fall in love with the place. Chapultepec Castle is a great place to spend a day. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot. Spend some time in the wonderful gardens around the castle and enjoy a spectacular view of Mexico City – if the smog allows it.

8. Templo Mayor and Its Museum

Templo Mayor Mexico City

A sacred temple known as the Templo Mayor was the most prestigious temple dedicated to the God of agriculture and rain and the God of war during the Aztec era. Although now only the remains of the temple are left, this archeological site is still a treat as you explore the ruins and unearth the mysteries of the Aztec civilization. Visit the Templo Mayor website for opening hours.  Templo Mayor and all other museums are always closed on Mondays, so plan your time in Mexico City with that in mind.

9. Zocalo

Zocalo Mexico City

Zocalo, officially known as Plaza de Constitución, is the most renowned place in Mexico City. After all, it is the main public square in the city. It is the center of many public gatherings that are held during the days of the Aztec. A huge Mexican flag waves gloriously at its Center l gate while religious events are still hosted during the holy week and for Corpus Christi.

10. Basilica de Guadeloupe

Basilica de Guadeloupe Mexico City

After the Vatican, the Basilica de Guadeloupe is the second-most visited holy place in the world. A visit to this place definitely means adding it to the list of top things to do in Mexico City. It is one of the most essential churches in Catholicism and holds significance as local legend claims that Our Lady of Guadeloupe appeared before Saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin. Two majestic basilicas exist, and both are open to the public.

The city of Mexico has a little for everyone. So your top things to do in Mexico City can range from art to culture to heritage to history to architecture, and if you are hungry after taking in all these beautiful places, there’s always the scrumptious food that can tantalize your taste buds. So brush up on your Spanish and get to know this city that is thriving, perky and full of energy.

If you haven’t already then go find a hotel in Mexico City at an affordable rate. You don’t need to break the bank on an expensive hotel if seeing things around the city is a priority. There is an abundance of budget hotels in Mexico City to choose from.

Leave a comment and let us know about your favorite place in Mexico City. We love to hear about all the amazing places the city has to offer.

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