Top 10 Things to Do in Sayulita, Mexico

Marietta Islands Sayulita Mexico
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Marietta Islands Sayulita Mexico is one of the best things to do in Sayulita

What are the best things to do in Sayulita? We made our top 10 right here!

If you are asked to picture Mexico, you may conjure up images of people with broad sombreros, dancing the tango with no worries in life, and stopping only to eat tacos! Well, even though this could be a reality in some parts of Mexico, the sleepy little village of Sayulita is unique and filled with surprises. It is rich in culture and known for its laid back, hippy vibe. So if you are planning a vacation to Mexico, you have to add Sayulita to your travel itinerary to experience these 10 wonderful activities during your stay there.

We put together a list with the Top 10 Things to Do in Sayulita, so you know what the absolute must-do things are. You just have to pick on of the many Sayulita hotels and start planning your dream vacation in this cozy Mexican village. Take a look at our list of the Best Places To Stay in Sayulita for more accommodation options and inspiration for an unforgettable vacation to Sayulita.

1. Visit the Marieta Islands

You can never shake off that touristy feeling when you explore a new place. So don’t. Embrace being a tourist and go discover Marieta Islands. Once you check out the volcano residing in the ocean, that has a hole just to make way for a beach, you definitely won’t mind being on an all-day trek and joining a cruise to get there. Once your fascination with the beach subsides, check the feeding and breeding grounds of the red-billed tropicbirds and blue-footed boobies. Be sure to keep an eye out for sea turtles, frolicking dolphins and majestic manta rays swimming lazily in the water. During the winter months, the waters around the islands become home to scores of humpback whales.

2. Enjoy a Fish Taco

Yes, you may have heard of a taco, but a fish taco? Now, that’s something you have to savor to understand why aficionados love it. Step off the beach and head to a taco stand where you can munch on a variety of tacos. Made with freshly caught fish, creamy and spicy sauce, lettuce, and pico de gallo (tangy, jalapeno spicy salsa) which are presented on a handmade tortilla, you won’t stop at just one. Fish tacos in Sayulita are heavenly and make your Sayulita vacation just that much better.

3. Lose Yourself to Snorkeling

During the balmy and serene days in Sayulita, you can always try your hand at snorkeling and lose yourself to the vibrant and teeming marine life under the surface. You may not see some extraordinary creatures while you are underwater, but spotting a pufferfish trying to hide from you or a sea turtle swimming lazily makes it a fun and thrilling experience.

4. Let Down Your Hair at Club de Playa Camaron

Sayulita is a great place for a family outing, but if you want to throw caution to the wind and just party the night away, head to Camaron on a Friday night. Club de Playa Camaron on the north beach, a little distance away from La Terrazola exudes a summer party vibe. It is the perfect ingredient for a great and unforgettable night with a constant flow of drinks.

5. Get Dazzled by Local Artistry

A fantastic way to learn more about a place is to understand its culture and history. Check out the rich Huichol culture and witness the history that has led Mexico to be the country it is today. While you’re at it, admire the artistry of the place that exists in the form of yarn paintings, skull paintings, and beadwork. There is plenty of places to buy trinkets and other decorative items at the local markets. These purchases will make memorable souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back home.

6. Go on a Jungle Hike

If you want to commune with nature and have a soft spot for the rustic, you can go on a jungle hike around Sayulita. Either you can do this on your own and explore the scenic surroundings, or you can get a local guide to help you out through the jungle trails. Be sure to visit the Monkey Mountain for a picturesque view of the Sayulita Bay and immerse yourself in the serene and tranquil ambiance.

7. Surfs Up!

Sayulita’s main beach is a hotspot for surfers as it is blessed with great surf breaks. The best part is it is rarely crowded unless it is Christmas or Easter. So, if surfing was always on your bucket list, go ahead and brave the waves. You will certainly find the perfect board, but riding the perfect wave? Well, that solely depends on you.

8. Find a Haven at Playa de Los Muertos

Playa de Los Muertos might just be your new hiding place if you have a penchant for being alone and love the calming feeling of a deserted beach. Literally translating to ‘Beach of the Dead’ as there is a cemetery right next to it, it is, nevertheless, soothing and offers panoramic views of the azure blue waters. So if you don’t get too spooked then go ahead and revel in the experience. Or, take a kayak to visit other smaller beaches in the vicinity.

9. Watch the Sun Go Down

Always racing to the next moment, we never really stop to admire the beauty of a sunset. Sayulita will be a good reason to slow down and witness a magical sunset. Some nights the skies are tinted with pink while other times, it radiates orange with caramel undertones. These hues have one thing in common – sunsets in Sayulita are mystical and mesmerizing.

10. Drink Tequila

You may not trust the water in Mexico, but there is definitely nothing wrong with its tequila! There is a huge variety of tequila shots to choose from, and each one is unique in its own way. There is nothing like sitting at a local bar and slinging back shots with old and new friends. Did I just hear you say get the salt and lime ready?

So other than just unwinding at the beautiful Sayulita beaches, try these wonderful experiences in Sayulita. You will come away with a new perspective on the town of Sayulita and Mexico as a whole.

We are always curious to know more about the important vacation spots in Mexico, and Sayulita is no exception. Leave a comment below about your favorite things to do in Sayulita or tell us what your planning to do for your upcoming visit.

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