Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Mexico This Winter

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Mexico This Winter
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Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Mexico This Winter

You never need extra reasons for going to Mexico, but here are some excellent points on why you should trade the hectic, cold, stressful winter for a sunny beach and spend winter in Mexico.


Escape The Cold And Embrace The Warm Mexican Sun

Let’s face it – the hands down best and biggest reason you can find for making Mexico the destination of choice this winter is, of course, the weather. Chances are that you are starting to feel the cold winter weather and just need some much-needed sun.

Mexico has it all. From the warm waters in Acapulco on the Pacific Coast to the white sandy beaches and turquoise Caribbean sea at the Riviera Maya. Best of all is that it’s just a few short hours away from most American cities.

The traditional winter months are great months to spend in Mexico. Temperatures rarely drop below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (around 24 degrees celsius) and there’s not much rain – so expect top quality weather through all winter months. There’s a very good reason that many Canadians pack their bags and make Mexico their winter home.

Cancun Beach Riviera Maya
This amazing beach picture above is from Cancun Riviera Maya.

Close your eyes and picture yourself on a beach in Mexico with a cold drink in your hand and the warm sun recharging your energy. How does that compare to the cold and stressful winter months back home?


Your USD Is Worth More Now Than Before

Going to Mexico for vacation is now cheaper than ever. That’s a bold statement but true none the less. The US Dollar is worth much more these days, compared to the Mexican Pesos, than it has in the last 5 years. That’s a great thing when your planning a vacation to Mexico, and could for some be just the thing that makes it all possible. The total price of a family vacation is not just the plane tickets and hotel, but very much the daily spending budget you can allow yourself. It feels great when you can splurge a little extra during a vacation.

You will find the most bang for your USD bucks in destinations that are handling everything in pesos. The always extremely popular vacation destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Los Cabos will to some extent have prices in USD or follow the USD / MXN currency ratio when setting the prices for tours and excursions.

Below is the XE Currency Charts of USD to MXN for the last 5 years. That’s a significant change in the value of USD in Mexico.

XE USD to MXN Chart
USD to MXN Chart over the last 5 years. Lowest 11.98 / Highest 19.89

See the XE Currency Converter: USD to MXN for the up-to-date value of 1 US Dollar to Mexican Pesos.


Amazing People & Great Culture

The people in Mexico is one of the country’s greatest assets. Known as some of the world’s warmest and welcoming people. Always smiling, ready to help you or ask how you are doing. Service is a top priority and something they are proud of. Not just the waiters at restaurants or staff at your resort, but everywhere you go, someone will make sure you are comfortable. Getting around and talking with locals is great, and before you know it you could have been invited to one of their many festivities – especially during the month of December where posadas are being held everywhere. They might not make a lot of money but will open up their home for you in a heartbeat.

Mexico has a lot to offer when it comes to culture. Visit old temples, pyramids or ancient ruins for a glimpse into the vast history and culture of Mexico. No matter where in Mexico you plan on visiting you will find many options for any of the wonderful archaeological sites. You don’t need to spend your entire vacation on old ancient ruins, but people will ask about what you experienced when they hear that you have been to Mexico for the holidays. There are plenty excellent day trips to be found, and they are an extremely good way to experience some Mexican history and culture. Remember to tip your tour guide if you had a great time.


The Food Is Absolutely Delicious

Food in Mexico is simply delicious, and there are enough exciting dishes that you can try something new every day. Make an effort to try something completely new, unless you are very picky. Be adventurous and try maybe a local dish of some sorts. Local dishes are best found in smaller mom and pop restaurants compared to the bigger mainstream restaurants. Take it slow the first few days to make sure your stomach has accepted the cuisine.

For many the food in Mexico will make for some of the best experiences during your vacation. A good idea is to ask a few different people at your destination to recommend food or local dishes. If you keep hearing about the same place or dish then that’s what you absolutely must try. For some general recommendations then try out these excellent Mexican dishes:

Pozole – Soup with either chicken, pork or vegetarian style. The soup is made from hominy corn, herbs and spices. Prepare the soup according to your taste with radish, onion, lime, chili, oregano, lettuce and pork rind.

Chiles en nogada – This is a real patriotic Mexican dish with the colors of the Mexican flag. A big chili poblano is stuffed with minced meat, fruit, and spices and then covered in a creamy sauce based on nuts. Pomegranate seeds are sprinkled on top to finish off the green, white and red colors of the dish. This is not as spicy as it seems as the chili seeds are scraped out before it’s stuffed.

Mole – A very popular sauce in the Mexican cuisine. There are several variations, but the 2 biggest differences are sweet mole or spicy mole. The sauce can be used in a variety of dishes but is typically served with either chicken or turkey. Mole is pronounced “mol-eh”.


Plan In Advance For Travel During High Season Periods

The winter months in Mexico are very busy, which also means that hotel prices will be higher than during offseason. It’s a good idea to plan in advance and book your hotel and plane tickets in advance. Make sure you book your hotel or resort with free cancellation and do a follow-up price check once you are closer to your travel date. You might get lucky and find a great last minute deal at the same hotel or at one of the many other hotels in the area that you have chosen. You can always find the cheapest deals on hotels in Mexico here at MEXcation.

The most popular and expensive travel days are extended weekends and official school holidays such as Christmas and new years eve. Do note that December 12th is a holiday in Mexico where Día de Guadalupe (Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe) is celebrated. If at all possible then plan your vacation so it doesn’t fall during those times. There is a lot of money to be saved by doing so.

If you got this far then you have already had that lingering thought of skipping the cold and spending winter in Mexico. There are so many reasons to go that it would be impossible to list them all here. Bottom line is that you don’t need any reason. Simply follow your instincts and take it from there.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Mexico for the winter – You will thank us later! Have you ever spend a winter vacation in Mexico? Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite part was.

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