Xtasea Acapulco – Worlds Largest Over-Water Zip Line

Xtasea Acapulco - Worlds Largest Over-Water Zip Line

Meet Acapulco’s Newest Adrenaline Rush – Xtasea Acapulco

It’s no secret that Acapulco has had some negative publicity in the medias during the recent years. Projects are in place to reclaim the glory and fame of Acapulco as one of Mexico’s top touristic destinations. The grand master plan is to once again be the playground of the jet-set society and welcome millions of tourists from around the world to Acapulco.

Enter Xtasea Acapulco, which was recently opened, that will let you fly across the Puerto Marques Bay at speeds of up to 120km/h (75 mph). There’s only one goal here and that’s to push the limits of every adrenaline junkie out there. The Xtasea Acapulco is the longest over-water zip line in the world and four riders can race side-by-side all while overlooking the incredible bay of Puerto Marques.

Check out the Xtasea promo video below:

You can find more pictures and videos on Instagram and Twitter pages.

So what are you waiting for?

Go try out this fantastic new ride or challenge your friends to a race. Make sure you, either way, get your photo taken so you can brag about it on the various social platforms.

Head off to one of the best local restaurants in Acapulco when you are done and still high on adrenaline. Don’t forget a good tipping etiquette, you did after all just look death in the eyes while crossing the bay 😉

Visit the Xtasea Acapulco website for more information about the zip line.


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